Our Services

We can tailor a distribution solution for you as a customer or merge your goods, all in order to create a cost-effective solution and also contribute to a better environment. Small and light or big and heavy – we ship everything!

Car & Dolly (25.25m)
Our cars are always ready for special assignments where it is about extraordinary width, height, height and weight. Flexibility and skilled drivers who are used to solving problems always allow you to expect an optimal transport

Double Last Plan

These dual-trailer special trailers and combined temperature zones have significantly higher load capacity than other trailers.
For the right kind of goods this is a very interesting option for our customers.
It provides a really good transport economy.
We always guarantee delivery reliability for all types of transport.

Transport of Hanging Products

We offer transport of hanging meats including temperature control and suspension lanes.
The unpacked meat comes to customers in the right condition and on time.
Our vehicles, drivers and skilled coordinates make the backbone of this fast and efficient handling.